27th march, 2017

resident dj

job overview

sous chef are second-in-command in kitchens, reporting to the head chef, overseeing the preparation and cooking of food. sous chefs make sure that the kitchen is a well-oiled machine, preparing food, managing the kitchen staff to mak sure food is prepared quickly and as delicious as possible, and enforcing food safety standards. When the head chef is away, the sous chef is in charge.

main duties and resposibilities

  • creativity: knowledge of ingredients and how to use them in a creative way will serve you well.
  • leadership skills: sous chefs are in charge often manage the entire kitchen, from the dishwasher to the cooks. being a good leader, who can assign tasks, hire the right people, motivate workers in a high stress environment will help you immensely.
  • hand-eye coordination: all chefs work with knives and must have excellent technique when cutting and preparing food. hand-eye coordination is needed.
  • sense of taste and smell: delicious food brings in customers. sous chefs are the last line of  defense to make sure each piece of food is safe, prepared correctly and tasty.
  • time management skills: kitchens get busy quickly, food can get ruined easily if you cannot manage your time. great time management will help you avoid burned or spoiled food and angry customers.
  • follow checklists & keep kitchen clean.